Do You Need a License to Clean Air Ducts in Florida?

Do you need a license to clean air ducts in Florida? If you are running a business to get compensated for cleaning HVAC air ducts, then the answer is yes. As a homeowner, you don't need a license to clean your own ductwork. To obtain a license, a contractor must contact the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation to meet Class A HVAC requirements.

Duct cleaning

is an important process for preventing excess household dust and allergies caused by dust, as it removes irritants from the walls of the house.

Even if you don't need a license in the state of Florida to clean ducts if you don't receive compensation for it, hiring a company that does have a license can ensure that you get cleaner ducts and have a much better experience with the entire duct cleaning process. Professional air duct cleaning services use specialized blowers (26 vacuums) to clean supply, inlet, and return ducts throughout the home. If you have ducts that need to be cleaned, hiring a Florida-based duct cleaning company that has years of experience is the perfect way to ensure that your ducts are actually cleaned. It involves cleaning air ducts by eliminating contaminants present in the ducts (26% of indoor air), such as dust, mold and bacteria. They will learn the techniques and strategies that will actually allow them to clean the ducts and keep them clean for longer.

An authorized company can provide you with guarantees so that, if your ducts need to be recleaned within a certain period of time or if there has been some damage to the ducts during the cleaning process, you can resort to solving these problems without having to pay out of pocket. Having dirty ducts leads to very real and dangerous problems that are magnified when those ducts are cleaned. It's easy to vacuum up loose dirt and dust in a vent, but it's much harder to actually clean that duct and return it to its original state, when it was first installed. Choosing a professional air duct cleaning company has a number of benefits for all your duct cleaning needs.

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