Should You Clean Air Ducts Before or After Installing a New HVAC System?

When it comes to replacing your old HVAC system with a new heating air conditioner, duct cleaning is an essential step to ensure that your new boiler and air conditioner are working properly and as efficiently as possible. The average duct system should be cleaned every two to five years, but if your system is properly maintained and filters changed twice a year, you can increase the time between professional cleanings. If your system has never been cleaned and has been active on your property for more than three years, it will likely need to be cleaned. Even a single station can accumulate enough dust and dirt in the system to make it less efficient than it was when it was first installed.

It is not recommended that you try to clean the air ducts yourself. Duct cleaning uses specialized tools to agitate and dislodge dirt from the ducts, so that soil and other contaminants are increasingly released and are suspended in the air before vacuuming. Sometimes, the ducts are cut so that tools or vacuum hoses can access them and must be carefully re-sealed. Then, a powerful suction system removes contamination from the air ducts.

It can do more harm than good if this is not done correctly. But the reality is that ducts only need to be cleaned on rare occasions when there is serious contamination. As part of the duct cleaning process, the ducts may have service holes so that tools or vacuum hoses can access them, and they may not be properly sealed after use. According to NADCA, the main trade association for contractors who clean air ducts or HVAC systems, its members must have at least one certified air system cleaning specialist (ASCS) among their staff and are responsible for cleaning and restoring the customer's HVAC system in accordance with the association's rules and guidelines.

The Environmental Protection Agency states: The EPA does not recommend cleaning air ducts except when necessary because of continuing uncertainty about the benefits of duct cleaning in most circumstances. Improper duct cleaning can affect both your home's air quality and the efficiency of your new boiler and air conditioner. Before connecting a new boiler in your home or before adding air conditioning to your HVAC system, make sure the air ducts are cleaned by a professional. Cleaning the HVAC ducts doesn't take as much time as, for example, replacing the entire system, but you'll still want to set aside time during a season when you probably won't need your system, so that the duct cleaning company has enough time for the duct cleaning company to completely clean the ducts before you need to use your HVAC.

If you have chosen to replace your old heating, ventilation and air conditioning system with a new one, you should consider cleaning the ducts. You want good air quality for you and your family, so it seems logical to clean the ducts in your home. Before adding or replacing the air conditioner to your HVAC unit or a new oven just in time for colder weather, be sure to Connect it with a certified air duct cleaner and have your ducts cleaned by a professional.

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